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Socially responsible/Environment

  • Disassembly and separation waste streams.
  • Done by specialised employees.
  • Environmentally friendly, and certified by Ministry of infrastructure and the environment.

For some years we work at Albatros Holland under the principle of Sustainable and Responsible business. This is expressed among other things in the waste segregation and, for example, the employment of a number of IT-Wajong employees. These employees in our team have a large degree of independence and participate in the daily business. Weekly progress discussions are informal and substantive. In addition, there is plenty of room for guidance.

We make every effort to prevent child labour, forced labour or discrimination in our chains (foreign partners). However in the unlikely event that somewhere this will be the case then we will distance and we will take appropriate measures.

The code of cunduct ISO26000 is an inspiration for sustainable development of Albatros Holland.

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